Wageningen Campus is a lively ecosystem of ideas that flourishes if we share our knowledge. We stimulate students, entrepreneurs, scientists, and other professionals to meet up and inspire each other. There’s something new to learn or experience every day. Join in and share the inspiration.

Campus Connect

Wageningen Campus Connect stimulates the exchange of knowledge between professionals. We welcome everyone, from educational institutions and research organisations to corporates and startups. Are you an enterpreneurial agri-food or living environment professional? Do you want to exchange knowledge with others? Are you curious about tomorrow’s developments and do you enjoy being inspired by other professionals? If so, then sign up for the next Campus Connect Cafe.

More information

  • Scientists provide a look into the future
  • The business community outlines current developments
  • Startups introduce themselves
  • You get to meet interesting professional colleagues
  • We provide you with plenty of sponsoring opportunities

Organise your own activity

Do you have something to share? There are several options for organising your own activities on Wageningen Campus. Dialogue Centre Omnia and meeting centre Impulse have room for anything from a meeting to a lecture to a symposium.

Dialogue Centre Omnia

Meeting Centre Impulse