Solynta is a Wageningen-based company developing potato hybrid breeding technology for a more sustainable future. Solynta’s mission is to help solve global food and nutritional insecurity by giving farmers better, stronger and more cost-efficient ways to grow crops. Their cutting-edge work in hybrid potato seeds benefits all actors in the global potato supply chain and contributes to a more cooperative model for agricultural development across Europe and the world.

Solynta’s hybrid true potato seeds combine decades of agricultural experience with the newest hybrid breeding technologies. It only takes 25 grams of Solynta seeds (compared to 2,500 kilograms of seed tubers) to plant an entire hectare of nutritious & natural potatoes. They lead the market in resistance to disease and pests, ease of use, and production speed and scalability. To learn more about Solynta's mission to unlock the true potential of potatoes, visit the website.

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