Kubota is a leading manufacturer of Agricultural, Turf, Construction equipment and Industrial Engines with special focus on Smart Farming technologies
Established: 1890. HQ: Osaka. Countries: 120+. Empl: 41,000. Revenues: $17.3 billion.

Innovation Center Europe office: Plus Ultra-2 building / Wageningen UR, responsible for:

  • Open Innovation in Europe & Israel
  • Research- and subsidy projects with WUR
  • Strategic Vision studies towards 2030
  • Partnerships, Pilots, Investments in startups
  • Recent partners/investments; Aurea Imaging, Trapview, SeeTree, Tevel Aerobotics
  • Collaboration with StartLife, FoodValley and OnePlanet/IMEC

Peter van der Vlugt

General Manager / CTO Innovation Center Europe

Dr. Max Bouten

Research Engineer

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