Walk the Protein Transition Campus Tour

Published on
April 6, 2022

Do we have enough protein to feed a growing world population in 2050? And what will actually be on our plates? Learn more about our activities related to the Protein Transition in the WUR G.O. campus tour! Open the WUR G.O. app, discover solutions to the challenges that lie ahead and experience the campus in a special, fun way.

You can download the WUR G.O. app free of charge (iOS or Android). The app enables you to hunt for ‘treasures’, which are actually solutions to food issues, These appear on your phone in the form of green icons during the tour. Once found, a video pops up with a WUR expert asking a question about the food system of the future. Give the correct answer and a new video starts explaining the solution and how WUR is working toward it.

Topics include the transformation of food systems, technological solutions and changes in consumer behaviour. The emphasis lies on proteins as they are one of the largest challenges. A shift to more vegetable and new protein sources will be essential to feed everyone in the future.

How does it work?

  1. Download the WUR G.O. app in your app store (iOS or Android) or scan the QR code on the sign in front of the Axis building on the campus.
  2. Open the app in front of the Axis building and tap the white WUR logo that appears on your screen. Catch the green Orb “Introduction” and watch the first video.
  3. To walk to a next station you can catch the Orb “Clue” to see an art object located close to the next station, or choose the option “Map”. Each station will introduce you to a WUR expert who asks you a quiz question. Look around you and choose the orb with the right answer and get a short explanation.

Download the map

Click to download a map of the whole route, with marks for the locations of all the questions.
Click to download a map of the whole route, with marks for the locations of all the questions.

Go and have fun! But first, please read carefully the attention points and tips below to enjoy this tour.

Attention points

  • Safety first! Please make sure you pay attention to your own and other’s safety.
  • Download the map in advance to be able to continuously follow the route. In the app, the map appears only at the stations.
  • Adjust the screen time via 'settings' so you can watch all the videos at once.
  • You can do the tour in parts or continue the route on the map to find all stations. The full tour takes about one hour. Go at your own pace and enjoy!
  • The experience of the game is best if you turn on your sound.
  • When entering an area with new content you will get a message in the app. Tap the white WUR logo and catch the Station orb. If the screen stays ‘black’, walk around the screen to see the front of the video.
  • To save battery power, you can close the screen of your phone while walking to a next station.
  • If you want to limit data use you can get connected to EDUROAM WIFI network. Get a guest account.
  • If you are at a station and the white WUR logo does not release a green orb, try to refresh by using the arrow in the right top corner.
  • If you want to stop a video earlier, use the return arrow on the left top corner.
  • The whole walk will take about an hour.

Your feedback is welcome

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