Meet & Eat in Business & Science Park Wageningen

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July 8, 2020

“Meet & Eat” recently opened its doors in Business & Science Park Wageningen (BSPW), part of Wageningen Campus. This cosy meeting and hospitality venue with an outdoor seating area welcomes you throughout the working week from 8.00 to 17.00 for coffee, lunch, and dinner (reservations only).

Owner Dennis Klos, who also runs the company “Party & Cateringservice de Patio”: “We serve visually appealing, tasty, and affordable lunch dishes, dine-in or take-away, as well as various types of coffees from our Italian coffee bean machine. We like to offer our patrons the kind of coffee that will keep them coming back for more, as an attractive alternative to the dispenser coffee found throughout the campus.

The meeting rooms are fully equipped and can be booked for two hours, a half-day, or for the whole day, with or without catering. We boast over 30 years of experience with Party and Cateringservice de Patio, and our large production kitchen ensures that we can also provide dinner catering for groups outside regular opening hours. We are also looking into offering joint activities with and support to other Wageningen Campus partners.

Very enthusiastic first responses

It took a long time to make Meet & Eat a reality. Although there had been a demand for this kind of venue in this Wageningen Campus location for many years, no one had jumped at the opportunity just yet. Paul Volleman from the municipality of Wageningen, who had already suggested this idea to Klos earlier, introduced him to the building’s owners. Once the deal was done, it took a while before the required permit was granted. Klos: "I didn’t want to be limited to only being able to serve residents of Business Science Park Wageningen, so we had quite a bit of paperwork to sort out first. Once that was done, the building still had to be renovated. Real estate owner Baas, in collaboration with Vastgoed in Balans, invested in the building considerably, and I must say the result is impressive! We were scheduled to open in April, but this was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On 2 June we were finally able to open our doors. Unfortunately, most of our prospective clients are still working from home. Campus visitors are at less than 20% of their usual numbers. This means that our business is off to a slow start, but based on the positive responses and high level of enthusiasm from our first clients, we feel things will pick up nicely in the future.”

Official opening still to come

Under normal circumstances, Meet & Eat would have organised a festive opening, including a sampling of their drinks and food. Klos is still planning one once the coronavirus measures have been eased further. "As soon as people start returning to work here on campus, I plan to visit one or two companies every week to personally advertise the service of Meet & Eat by offering them a selection of our dishes!”

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