Foodtruck Neeltje op het Plein


Foodtruck Neeltje on campus

Published on
January 16, 2017

Foodtruck Neeltje (Neeltje Eten & Drinken) sets up shop on the square in front of the Forum building every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Job and Corry Walet serve up delicious, homemade and honest food, made from ingredients from local suppliers like cheese from your local cheese farm, ice cream from the local parlour and subs filled with meatballs from a halal butcher.

The menu is seasonal, offering a wide selection of gourmet sandwiches and two kinds of soup (also vegetarian), but also including juice and ice cream.
Vegan options, in which dairy has been replaced with soy-based alternatives, are also provided.

Neeltje has flexible opening hours. They open in the morning and won’t close until well after lunchtime.

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