Working on Wageningen Campus adds a new dimension to your job. Education, research and the business sector are all represented on campus. This combination makes it a vibrant place where you can easily make contact with people who are active elsewhere on campus.

For those engaged in research, the presence of top level research facilities is crucial. Research facilities can be shared through the organisation Shared Research Facilities, enabling researchers to use facilities that may not be available in their workplace. The Wageningen University & Research library provides access to a complete overview of scientific literature in the field of Life Sciences.

The best way to become a part of the campus community is to participate in content-related activities that are organised on campus. Through networking events and activities such as ‘Buurten bij de Buren’ (visiting neighbours), you will easily come in contact with people with the same interests or backgrounds or get to know people with refreshingly different knowledge or interests.

In addition, the campus offers plenty of pleasant places to meet with colleagues and acquaintances. One of the most important of these is the meeting centre Impulse, which has ample room to meet with a few people or with smaller or larger groups in an inspiring environment and with excellent coffee!

Most buildings on campus have their own catering, however, a visit to one of the centrally located campus restaurants will give you the chance to sample a much wider menu and they are also good places to meet up with acquaintances from other organisations.

The campus grounds are green and natural with large bodies of water, a great diversity of wild plants and animals as well as a large collection of art. This makes the grounds a very attractive place for a lunch stroll or a consultation session outside on one of the terraces.

Those who want to exercise after work will feel right at home at Sports Centre de Bongerd. The sports centre has a huge selection of sports that can be pursued. The various employers on campus have made separate agreements with the Sports Centre regarding the use of the facilities.

Those looking to settle in Wageningen or nearby because of a job on the campus will also be interested in the region, the schools, recreational activities and night life. Wageningen and Ede offer a broad range of facilities and schools, partly thanks to the university’s presence. There is an international school in Arnhem (25 km from Wageningen).