Fuji Oil Global Innovation Center Europe settles on Wageningen Campus

Published on
October 18, 2021

Fuji Oil Global Innovation Center Europe has opened their first research center in Europe on Wageningen Campus, in the multi-tenant building Plus Ultra II.

The Fuji Oil Innovation Center Europe (GICE) will support and enhance innovation within Fuji Oil Group, with a focus on plant-based foods and sustainable processing. This knowledge is combined with expertise in specialty oils and fats to innovate plant-based food solutions. The Fuji Oil Group operates worldwide and has multiple regional R&D teams. The center in Wageningen will be headed by Dr Liz Kamei, and the core team of experts will work on a range of collaborative projects. Using open innovation and external partnering to access innovative technologies complementary to their business.

Fuji Oil chose to base their first Group-wide Innovation Center outside of Asia in Wageningen because of the thriving ecosystem of food innovation and research. They see Wageningen Campus as the perfect location for building a network of collaborators in the industry and academia to support their initiatives for innovation and growth.