Facilities that are research related include research facilities as well as training possibilities and support for startups.


Wageningen Campus has a blooming entrepreneur community where new ideas and initiatives in the field of Food & Agrotechnology originate. Entrepreneurs are facilitated with flexible housing opportunities, support, coaching, and pre-seed capital.



StartLife is the place for startups in the Food and Agro sector. StartLife was set up to create work and opportunities and to contribute to the development and application of sustainable technological innovations. StartLife offers low threshold pre-seed loans in order to launch and develop new startups. StartLife helps entrepreneurs develop a realistic image of the possibilities with a feasibility study. StartLife also provides a complete range of educational activities, network contacts, coaching and active support for entrepreneurs and has an active network of experts. In recent years, StartLife has supported and funded more than 200 startups with an idea for – or a contribution to – a technological innovation. If you would like to know whether StartLife can assist you with starting your business, please check out the website or get in contact via

Some of the businesses StartLife has supported include

In 2014, StartLife launched StartHub Wageningen, an incubator for student startups and recent graduates of Wageningen University.

Website Startlife

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StartHub Wageningen

StartHub Wageningen is a breeding ground for entrepreneurial-minded Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students, as well as recent graduates located on Wageningen Campus. StartHub Wageningen offers interactive workshops, financing, housing, coaching from experts and a network with all the professionals or peers you may need to help your business grow. Are you keen on starting your own business or are you interested in entrepreneurship? Follow the StartHub Wageningen Facebook page and keep updated on its activities or visit us in building 119 on Wageningen Campus. Our doors are open on weekdays from 09.00 to 17.00.

StartHub website

StartHub Facebook page

Tournois dynamic innovations bv

Tournois dynamic innovations bv

Tournois dynamic innovations bv (TDI) is a private incubator located at Wageningen Business and Science Park”

More information? Visit the website for more information and contact details.

Website Tournois dynamic innovations bv (Dutch)

<L CODE="C16">Dutch Sprouts</L>

Dutch Sprouts

Dutch Sprouts enables smart thinkers to develop means to monitor soil and crop quality, by enrolling and starting companies.

More information? Visit the website for more information and contact details.

Website Dutch Sprouts


StartLife: Jan Meiling T: (+31) 0317 486103
Visiting address: Triton Gebouw 119 Vijfde Polder 1 Wageningen

StartHub: Jannet de Jong T: (+31) 0317 485 678
Visiting address: Vijfde Polder 1 Wageningen

Tournois dynamic innovations bv: H. Feil T: +31 317 427880
Visiting address: Agro Business Park 10 6708 PW Wageningen  .

Dutch Sprouts: T: +31 6 11767789
Visiting address: Nieuwe Kanaal 7C 6709 PA Wageningen

Student Consultancy


Unipartners is an innovative concept in the world of consulting. It works with top students who are selected and supervised by Unipartners. This method results in high-quality research and consultation. Students are very motivated to apply their knowledge in practice and take a fresh look at the world. Working for Unipartners gives students the opportunity to develop themselves and take a look behind the scenes of an organisation. Unipartners is non-profit and can therefore offer services at a competitive price.

Unipartners has been around since 1987 and has gained a lot of experience with this concept. It has branches in 11 cities and is always connected to the established university there. The Unipartners branch on Wageningen Campus specialises in issues in the field of:

  • Social sciences
  • Environmental sciences
  • Agrotechnology & food sciences
  • Plant sciences
  • Animal sciences

Website Unipartners (in Dutch)


Wageningen University and Research
Vijfde Polder 1
Building 119
6708 WC Wageningen

Phone: +31 (0) 317 486186

Research facilities

Shared Research Facilities provide researchers the opportunity to use Wageningen University & Research’s advanced research equipment. All researchers, whether from universities, research institutes or companies, are able to use our equipment.

In most of our facilities, you may operate the equipment yourself or with the support of our staff, the research results will remain yours. A few of our facilities may only be operated by our staff. Shared Research Facilities only charges you for the time spent using the facility (and possibly the staff member). The equipment can of course also be used in your research projects with Wageningen University & Research groups.

An extensive overview of the research equipment and facilities can be found via Lab Facilities Search on the website of Shared Research Facilities, which allows you to directly contact the expert or analist. You can also contact the Shared Research Facilities team. They may help you to you find the equipment you require for your question or connect you to the right person.

Website Shared Research Facilities

Website Lab Facilities Search

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Edda Neuteboom 
T: +31 (0)317 480907


FabLab stands for ‘Fabrication Laboratory’. It is a workshop for anyone who would like to ‘materialise their dreams’. In the FabLab you create objects using high precision 3D-technology that was not available until recently, and share your findings to help and inspire others. Experience the creative, practical and/or educational possibilities of these creations.

For whom?

Our FabLab facility at Wageningen Campus allows students and staff to rapidly create prototypes of their ideas, build architectonic models or construct agricultural robots as part of graduation projects. You are also welcome to use this technology if you need to fix something for which spare parts are not available or are not practical to obtain, or when you are looking to unleash the artist in you. Our 3D printers and laser cutter are at your disposal to help you give form to your imagination. In the near future, 3D-scanning possibilities will be provided as well. We encourage you to design/sketch your ideas and operate the machines on your own as much as possible, but we are happy to provide guidance when required. Open source 3D-drawing programs (such as Inkscape and Sketchup) allow you to control our printers or laser cutter.

When and where?


Are you wondering what 3D printing is all about? Perhaps you would like to get inspired by sample creations made at FabLab Wageningen, or you may have already conceived an idea and would like to know how to create it in 3D? FabLab managers are glad to explain things or assist you with any questions you may have. We are open on Saturdays from 14:00 to 18:00.

We also provide introduction courses enabling you work on your project on your own. These are provided on weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00 (or until 22:00 with an authorised Wageningen University & Research card). Workshops are also organised on a monthly basis to highlight a specific 3D-related topic.

More info

Visit us at Triton/StartHub (building 119) on Wageningen Campus (Vijfde Polderweg 1, 6708 WC Wageningen) and ring the round bell on the brick wall left of the entrance. We will help you open the door to the futuristic possibilities of designing and creating your own machine-controlled fabrications.

Visit our website FabLab Wageningen or the Wikipedia page for further information about FabLab in general.

Website FabLab

Wageningen Academy

Wageningen Academy organizes training courses for professionals from business or the public domain with the latest scientific insights in the domain of Healthy Food & Living Environment.Our training courses are an excellent way to catch up with the latest knowledge, developments and trends in your field of expertise. We help you to deepen your knowledge and offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences with colleagues in your sector. In all our activities we make a connection between the knowledge from Wageningen University & Research and your daily practice. 

Besides the annual course programme Wageningen Academy offers tailor made in company programmes and online learning modules. Furthermore, we organize Summer Schools, knowledge events and seminars. So it does not matter whether you are looking for in-depth knowledge on a certain topic or prefer to improve certain competencies, Wageningen Academy has a tailor made solution for you.

From the heart of our campus we bring our motto ‘Today’s knowledge, tomorrow’s business’ into practice.

To give you an impression, we listed a selection from our range of tailor-made programme’s:

Spatial practises: Developing a common future perspective on spatial planning in Dutch, ‘Expeditie Ruimte’
Extensive course about the spatial challenges of the future, the transition to a facilitating government and the roll, attitude and behavior of both professionals as well as the public administration given this changing reality. This course of 10 face to face meetings per participant was attended by about 160 professionals and 25 city councillors.

European Food & Agribusiness Seminar (EFAS)
The only executive education event of its kind in Europe that offers top-ranked executives interaction with agribusiness leaders from across the global food system. At the core of the seminar are the 8 real-time business cases so participants learn, gain insights and actively participate and apply high end insights during this seminar.

Executive master course Hortibusiness
Participants enrolling in this executive master course strengthen and expand their knowledge, industry insight and practical skills on the Dutch horticultural sector. Some major players in Dutch horticulture have taken the initiative to enable this course, willing to keep a world-wide leading position by innovativeness, craftsmanship and passion.

Master Course Agri & Food
The Netherlands are one of the world's largest exporters of agricultural and food products, indicating the importance of the industry for the Dutch economy. The profitability of the industry is, however, affected by many different factors of varying scale, e.g. fluctuating exchange rates on international markets. This course gives participants insights on different strategies in dealing with these issues.

Website Wageningen Academy


T:+31 (0) -317 - 48 40 93

Postal address
PO Box 226
6700 AE Wageningen

Visiting address:
Radix Building 107
Droevendaalsesteeg 1
6708 PB Wageningen

The Field

The Field is a space for informative and innovative projects related to the knowledge fields of Wageningen University & Research. Campus users can realize small-scale ground-bound projects in The Field, which is located at the western entrance of the Campus.

Here, students, employees or partners of Wageningen University & Research, and companies located on Wageningen Campus, can realize small-scale projects with interactive and educational components that need outside space to demonstrate what’s going on inside the buildings.

The Field is located at the western entrance of the campus. It is the space in between, Vitae, Dijkgraaf and the bus stop.

Website The Field