Where to meet?

Wageningen Campus is an attractive meeting place for entrepreneurs, researchers, students and other visitors. The buildings are situated in and around a large open, natural green space with plenty of seating, bodies of water, an outdoor arena and hiking opportunities.

The Sports Centre de Bongerd is also located on campus. There are several restaurants with a great variety of dishes and there is ample space to meet with clients, colleagues and friends in the public buildings. In Campus Plaza there are many shops, mostly for food and drinks, but there is also a bicycle repair shop.

A number of important meeting venues are:

  • Impulse, the meeting and debate centre
  • Restaurant of the Future
    The Restaurant of the Future is a small restaurant located next to Impulse. The restaurant also shares a sheltered outdoor terrace with Impulse.
  • Grand Café Forum
    The Grand Café of the Forum education building is located on the ground floor in the atrium. The Grand Café offers plenty of space for meetings and consultations. It is a lively place at the centre of one of the two education buildings of the university. How busy the café is depends on the time of day and year.
  • The Spot in Orion
    Orion, the other education building, has a large student café. It is a beautiful, bright space where there is plenty of space for informal meetings. The large outdoor terrace is also accessible from The Spot.

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