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Campus Connect Cafe brings agri-food professionals together

Wageningen Campus Connect stimulates contact, connection, and the exchange of knowledge between agri-food professionals. We welcome everyone, from entrepreneurs and educational institutions to research organisations and startups.

What does Campus Connect offer?

  • Scientists provide a look into the future
  • The business community outlines current developments
  • Startups introduce themselves
  • You get to meet interesting professional colleagues
  • We provide you with plenty of sponsoring opportunities

Are you an enterprising agri-food professional? Do you want to exchange knowledge with others? Are you curious about the market of tomorrow and do you enjoy receiving inspiration from your professional colleagues? If so, then sign up for the next Campus Connect Cafe.

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Sportinnovator Center Nutritional Status & Health aims to optimize the regime around exercise, recovery and adaptation, and with that the training load and health of the athlete, by extending the knowledge of nutritional status and sleeping hygiene. The knowledge and expertise is also applied for questions and problems around the optimal recovery of patients, for example after surgery.

Topcentre Eat2Move is working on optimal nutrition for the promotion of performance and recovery in (top)sport and patient care. New knowledge leads to innovative collaborations with companies for the development of products and services.

Do you work in the Agri-food business and are you interested in sponsoring Campus Connect? We can help you to decide on the content, set-up and location. Send an e-mail to: or fill in the form and make a note of your wishes or intentions in the comments box.

Campus Connect is partly made possible by the Province of Gelderland.