Student Consultancy


Unipartners is an innovative concept in the world of consulting. It works with top students who are selected and supervised by Unipartners. This method results in high-quality research and consultation. Students are very motivated to apply their knowledge in practice and take a fresh look at the world. Working for Unipartners gives students the opportunity to develop themselves and take a look behind the scenes of an organisation. Unipartners is non-profit and can therefore offer services at a competitive price.

Unipartners has been around since 1987 and has gained a lot of experience with this concept. It has branches in 11 cities and is always connected to the established university there. The Unipartners branch on Wageningen Campus specialises in issues in the field of:

  • Social sciences
  • Environmental sciences
  • Agrotechnology & Food sciences
  • Plant sciences
  • Animal sciences

Website Unipartners (in Dutch)