Research facilities

CAT-AgroFood shared research facilities provide researchers the opportunity to use Wageningen University & Research’s advanced research equipment. All researchers, whether from universities, research institutes or companies, are able to use our equipment.

In most of our facilities, you may operate the equipment yourself or with the support of our staff, the research results will remain yours. A few of our facilities may only be operated by our staff. CAT-AgroFood only charges you for the time spent using the facility (and possibly the staff member). The equipment can of course also be used in your research projects with Wageningen University & Research groups.

An extensive overview of the research equipment and facilities can be found via Lab Facilities Search on the website of CAT-AgroFood, which allows you to directly contact the expert or analist. You can also contact the CAT-AgroFood team. They may help you to you find the equipment you require for your question or connect you to the right person.

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Website Lab Facilities Search

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